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Velodynamics™ offers personal coaching, seminars, consulting, and other services for competitive and recreational road cyclists.

Beyond service to clients, a broader aim is to inform and perhaps inspire most any rider who stops by here in search of information on training, physiology, nutrition, and more.  My hope is that you will learn from and enjoy the content which is provided here, at no charge.

   TRAINING      The 10 Commandments of Training was originally written for fellow coach Jonathan Siegel of Colorado, and posted at his web site, but received significant editing.  The full text is given here.
   RACING      Not just for newbies, everyone should be familiar with this overview of bike racing rules, as well as the USCF rule changes for 2007

On the strategic side of things, coach B. J. Basham of our friends at Peaks Cycling Group offers these basic tips on racing as a team.

this is sportsmanship!  In an era where trash-talking or even worse between competitors seems all too common, it's refreshing to see Sarah Ulmer and Katie Mactier -- co-authors of the greatest pursuit competition ever -- reach the absolute pinnacle of their sport whilst remaining the best of friends off the bike.  As they say Down Under, "Good on ya, mates"!
   COMMUNITY      A recent visit to the flats of Cleveland on the west bank of the Cuyahoga River revealed a thriving organization that offers instruction in safe riding skills and bike repair, an Earn-A-Bike program for children, and a warehouse full of used-but-serviceable bikes for sale or rent.  Visit the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op site to learn more.

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