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VelodynamicsTM is committed to helping road cyclists achieve their goals through technically sound methods that are in concert with good health, sportsmanship, safety, and fun.  This process involves several steps:

  1. Getting to know you, as a person and a rider, through a personal interview, a detailed written questionnaire, a review of training records, etc.  A bicycle-fitting session is also conducted at this time.
  2. Guiding you in the selection of meaningful goals that are realistic, challenging, and quantifiable.
  3. Developing a periodized, progressive training program, based on sound physiological concepts and practical experience, that is tailored to your chosen goals, personality, training history/athletic background, work schedule and commitments beyond cycling, as well as other individual characteristics, with concurrent explanation of the principles that underlie each workout prescription.  Training plans are sent on a weekly or monthly basis via e-mail in Microsoft Excel® format.
  4. Ongoing assessment of progress and adjustment of the training plan, as necessary, via regular communication either in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or a combination of these.  Contact is primarily rider-initiated, usually at regularly scheduled times if by telephone, or as you feel the need for information and to keep in touch for feedback about how your training is proceeding.
  5. Genuine, unwavering, and heartfelt encouragement and inspiration.

There are several areas of preparation for any goal-event: general and specialized fitness, racing/riding skill, strategic/tactical judgment, and mental outlook.  My emphasis and area of special interest is training the systems that underlie performance in the event being prepared for, using power-measuring systems that allow intensity and training load to be precisely quantified and analyzed in ways that “make sense” physiologically (click here for a summary graphic of a typical workout).  With these devices, training itself serves as testing, which allows for continuous fitness evaluation.  A limited number of wheel-based Power Tap systems are offered for rent.


Beyond reaching your goals, the ultimate aim is to teach you to become self-sufficient in developing, evaluating, and carrying out your own training program.  Explanation of the principles which underlie your workout prescription help you develop the knowledge and judgment necessary to coach yourself.  Toward this end, a library of technical articles is offered for free public use.



Additional technical services are available, including one-time consultation, performance testing, bike fitting, and time trial position analysis.  Click here for a complete schedule of services and fees.



The following Microsoft PowerPoint® slide presentations are offered to clubs, teams, and other groups.  Each program is about 2 hours in length:

   An introduction to power-based training

   Getting the most from your power-measuring system

   Technical aspects of road time trialing



Since 1996, I have promoted 20+ road races in northeast Ohio, and raised more than $18,000 in both cash and product sponsorship.  I have also served as chief and assistant official at over 200 road races throughout the region, and even directed a non-competitive tour in the area for several years as well.  I know the opportunities, responsibilities, practical tasks, and pitfalls of event promotion at the local/regional level, and can guide you through the process of putting on your race or ride.



Discounts to clients on sports nutritional products, at local specialty retailers, and on physical therapy services are planned for a future date.



The following are uncompensated (but not unappreciated!) comments from several riders whom I feel so privileged to have helped:


"Thank you so much for your support on all levels -- not just technical, but emotional and moral as well.  I learned so much, and I could not have done it without you!"

-- giana roberge, uci world masters time trial champion


"You have helped me more than anyone else in this sport.  I could always count on you for advice that was honest, unbiased, and well-informed."

-- felicia gomez, webcor-platinum women’s professional cycling team


"Without your coaching to give me a sound beginning, I would have acquired many misconceptions early on and progressed much more slowly."

-- kevin lutzke, category 4 ohio road race champion



Velodynamics is a proud supporter of the Nicole Reinhart Memorial Fund, visit to learn more.  Velodynamics is also proud to sponsor PDQ Cleveland Bicycle Club.



Charles Howe has been involved in the sport of cycling since 1973 in numerous capacities, including tour director, race promoter and official (road, Cat. 2), club officer, and even (gasp!) recreational/competitive rider.  A strong proponent of power-based training, his interest in cycling power output dates to the early 1990s, when he wrote a brief article which modeled the effect of weight reductions on bicycle performance for the now-defunct Cycling Science magazine.  As a member of the wattage forum, he has written an FAQ on power-based training, as well as a free on-line training guide.  After advising riders on an informal basis for several years, Howe founded Velodynamics in 2005, in response to increased requests for coaching and training assistance.



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